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Clinique Innovation offers plastic and aesthetic surgery services that meet the highest standards of quality.

Why choose the Clinique Innovation?

Since 2014, Dr. Mario Luc is the clinic medical director. We continue to provide care by building a relationship of trust and respect with patients.

The clinic also stands out by offering plastic and cosmetic surgery services for its patients; from consultation, to surgeries that are done at the clinic. The clinic has a license from CMS (specialized medical center) of the Quebec Ministry of Health and a certificate of honor from Accreditation Canada. Patient care is provided in the highest quality standards.

The clinic is located at the intersection of highways 15 and 440, just in front of Carrefour Laval, on Daniel-Johnson Boulevard. This strategic location makes the clinic easily accessible for our patients in the North Shore, the Island of Montreal and even the South Shore.

Advanced techniques
Advanced techniques

The techniques used at the Clinique Innovation in Laval by Dr. Luc, surgeon, meet the highest quality standards for cosmetic and plastic surgery.

The patient first
The patient first

The Clinique Innovation are committed to listening to their patients, considering their needs and advising them about the best surgical and non-surgical options available to them.

Quality and security
Quality and security

Our plastic surgeon is adamant that all his patients receive quality care and treatments under the safest possible conditions.

Experienced surgeons

Your health is very important. You should only entrust it to the best professionals.


Do not let financial concerns deter you from your plans for self-transformation! Many of our patients finance their surgeries through their own financial institution, but you also have the option of turning to financing companies which specialize in medical credit, such as Medicard.

Various financing programs cover all fees billed by your doctor and offer different monthly payment plans, thanks to which your financial burden will be lessened and you will be able to receive the medical care you want without further postponement.

Do you have questions about the financing of cosmetic and beauty treatments? Do not hesitate to express your needs to the members of our staff, who will be happy to help you with the financing process.

For further information, please call us at 450-241-6045.

The Mission of our clinic

Dr. Mario Luc and the staff at the Clinique Innovation are committed to listening to their patients, considering their needs and advising them about the best surgical and non-surgical options available to them. Thanks to this support, patients can make informed decisions based on their situation. In addition, the clinic staff takes a deep interest in the well-being of patients during their visits. Dr. Luc advocates care strategies that include the management of the overall health and beauty of his patients. The medical safety of all care given, the quality of the results and the well-being of patients represent the foundations of his practice.


As members of the Clinique Innovation team, our top priority is our patients’ health. We are often asked to lend these organizations our expertise.

Logo - Société Canadienne des Chirurgiens Plasticiens
Logo - Collège royal des médecins et chirurgiens du Canada
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Centre hospitalier de St. Mary
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Associations des anesthésiologistes du Québec
Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont - Centre affilié à l'Université de Montréal
Ordre professionnel des inhalothérapeutes du Québec
Ordre des infirmières et infirmiers du Québec

Our specialists

Dr. Mario Luc
Plastic and aesthetic surgeon
Dr. Mario Luc
Dr. Marie-Pascale Tremblay-Champagne
Plastic and aesthetic surgeon
Dr. Marie-Pascale Tremblay-Champagne

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Choosing to undergo cosmetic surgery is not an easy decision to make. We will gladly support you during this process, and answer any questions and concerns you may have.

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An informed and available clinic. I chose Dr. Luc for his respect towards clients and the profession. A peaceful Dr. who makes us feel comfortable in this process. Thank you

We aim to identify your specific needs

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