Cosmetic and beauty treatments

The techniques used at the Clinique Innovation in Laval by Dr. Luc, surgeon, meet the highest quality standards for cosmetic and plastic surgery. Our plastic surgeon is adamant that all his patients receive quality care and treatments under the safest possible conditions.


You want to change the appearance of your breasts to feel more feminine and more confident about your image. Whether the dissatisfaction is related to the size, appearance resulting from weight loss, pregnancy, breastfeeding, mastectomy, sagging. A personalized solution is offered to you.


Feeling good about yourself is imperative, both mentally and physically. Our silhouette can sometimes affect our development to feel confident. For medical or aesthetic reasons, our team will know your advisors on the best intervention on your needs in body surgery.


Feel a confidence by projecting an image you are proud of. Your beauty belongs to you. Our professional team is there to listen to you and to support you, advise you and use our expertise on the best solution for your needs in facial surgery.

Intimate surgery

For medical reasons, personal hygiene, or sexual esteem, intimate surgery may help you feel more fulfilled. In all confidentiality and with the greatest of respects, we will be able to frame you to advise you according to your needs in close surgery.


Our hands are essential in our daily activities. We have solutions for treating carpal tunnel syndrome.

We aim to identify your specific needs

and guide you in making the best choices for you.