A hymenoplasty is a procedure aiming to reconstruct the hymen, a delicate membrane located near the opening of the vagina.

This thin layer of skin is often torn the first time the woman experiences vaginal penetration. Minor bleeding is common when the hymen is torn. However, the hymen can be torn in a number of different circumstances, including by the insertion of a tampon, trauma, and even as a result of strenuous physical activity.

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hymenoplastie laval

What does the surgery entail?

One of two surgical approaches will be selected based on the condition of your hymen. The first approach involves repairing the remaining hymen with stitches. The second approach involves recreating a hymen by partially closing the opening of the vaginal canal using strips of vaginal mucosa. Both techniques use melting stitches, which disappear within approximately two weeks.

Once the surgery site has fully healed, there should be no visible signs of the procedure.

Frequently asked questions

Patients who consider a hymenoplasty often do so for cultural or personal reasons. In certain cultures, it is eminently important that the woman’s hymen be intact when she gets married. A damaged membrane could have serious repercussions for a woman from people in her immediate circle.

It is possible to reconstruct the hymen many years after it has been torn. However, the hymen cannot be repaired after a vaginal delivery.

A hymenoplasty is a minor procedure which can easily be done under local anesthesia, just like a trip to the dentist.

As with any surgery, hymenoplasty is associated with minor risks of postoperative bleeding and infection.

In general, sensation in the genitalia is not altered by this surgery. When resuming sexual activity following a normal recovery period, certain women may experience a small amount of pain during the first vaginal penetration. Slight bleeding is also common when the reconstructed hymen is torn.

The clitoris and surrounding tissue are not touched during the procedure, therefore sensation will remain the same following surgery.

Patients heal in the days following the surgery and are therefore able to return to work and to their sports activities.

Proper hygiene following surgery is instrumental in ensuring that your wound heals well. You can clean your genitals delicately every day in the shower, letting the soapy water run off your body. However, you must avoid taking a bath during the first three weeks following surgery.

Depending on the correction required, this minor surgery may last from 50 to 75 minutes.

Generally, the cost of a hymenoplasty is $4,010. However, additional charges may apply if the patient has a particular condition or if different surgeries are combined.

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