The areola is a circular area of pigmented skin surrounding the nipple.

In some patients, the areola may be more oval in shape or disproportionately wide in comparison with the breast and nipple. An areola reduction is a minor surgery which involves reducing the size of the areola and restoring it to a round and more natural shape. The incision is concealed in the juncture of the pigmented skin and the surrounding skin.

Réduction de l'aréole

Frequently asked questions

An areola reduction is a minor surgery which lasts approximately 60 minutes.

In addition to the low risk of infection and postoperative bleeding associated with any surgical procedure, the complications specific to nipple and areola surgeries are the following:


The lactiferous ducts are preserved during the procedure, therefore breastfeeding is not affected.


During the procedure, the surgeon attempts to recreate a natural and symmetrical appearance of the nipples. However, the placement of the nipples may vary slightly from one breast to the other.


There is often little to no sensation in women’s areolas. However, how much the nipple protrudes may vary slightly from one breast to the other. The sensory nerve fibres leading to the nipple are not divided during an areola reduction. Therefore, if your areola was sensitive before surgery, its sensitivity should remain unchanged after the procedure.


The effects of corrective surgery are normally permanent. The condition rarely recurs. However, the areola may stretch slightly after the procedure.

You will heal in the days following the surgery. There are no specific restrictions regarding physical activity. However, certain physically demanding sports may initially cause discomfort.

An areola reduction is a minor procedure which can easily be done under local anesthesia, just like a trip to the dentist.

Generally, an areola reduction costs between $3,975 and $5,625. However, additional charges may apply if the patient has a particular condition or if different surgeries are combined.

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